Andrea's Italian


★★★★★ Aug 8, 2016 by Chuck Sheffield
We spent the wife's Birthday evening at the new location with the most excellent service possible. The food seems even better than the old location which was always wonderful. It's larger but hasn't lost the personality of a special place to go sit, talk and enjoy a nice dinner at a very affordable price. It's a jewel. Congrat's.
★★★★★ Aug 8, 2016 by Omar
Simple delicious!!! and good service. Clean, the wines exquisite!!!
★★★★★ Aug 8, 2016 by Esmeralda Quiroga
You're food is delicious, cooked just right. Your service over all is awesome!
★★★★★ Jul 9, 2013 by Celia Bustamante
Excellent taste, quality, service, soft music a perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner or celebrating with family and best of all it's own Chef greets you at your favorite plate (=Angel hair pasta with shrimps and lobster sauce, mmmmm Delicious!!! = )
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